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Letter was in the mailbox When I arrived back to the apartment. The ink-character in brown envelope with no sex appeal. YasushiShun no doubt (Yasutoshi) body. Letter from the guy even count the 30 in this. Was worried because during short pause this time, but it's alive and well. There is power to the character of the address. I break the seal, entered the room. There was a disturbance in the character of the person to our letter contrary to the character of the envelope. Release the eye from letter, I was trying to remember something. I was beginning to feel a little tired at the operating unfamiliar. Winding road in the country and Kunekune deep mountain. Green seemed beautifully It's about the first hour. YasushiShun the passenger seat (Yasutoshi) shows no signs of behavior that will on behalf of the operation. The car always in charge of this guy's is (operation). To stop the car on the road side which became a little wider it is not unbearable, it was the matter? I said to the face I YasushiShun. "I on behalf of the driver!" "Now, Kosuke (Kosuke, I) ... I'm in the driver's license suspension. Thing to act in violation of the law. You can not" Was Meg and then joining hands to say. This guy's shaved the future eldest son of the temple. And I can rely on in many ways. That? "Or words to say keep in crash driving ban in one shot. Speeding Coo ~. Whether you still shaved?" I Kakaru that to eat with. "I'm being such reflection. Mai What I commit mistake again Kosuke.. Convincing you that such a I Know What the? Shame! Devil." I pointed at the front with a cool face and. The sign of an old four kilometers to go before OOO there. OOO's destination this time. "It can not be helped. Na'm sorry guy ... and throw it keep coming up here. Okaso I will sin again for you." I was Meg and sighed with. I word ...... It can not be said only a ". To. Driving alright." I we got to the (village?) Town of destination by the off-road four kilometers long mess in Somehow. Was a friend of one another here, it's meet and Tomoaki (Tomoaki), which is also the people from here. The location of the site of the promised elementary school. I found immediately. only old people to meet everyone, young people in their 20s'm feeling depopulation with all one's might in the momentum I just ours, but was bright and cheerful people. I approaching Tomoaki is grinning. "You can start with a little more rest tired san. Choose? Kosuke the chapter is? Or driving?" "What? Not a here?" I "In. Mountain much an hour do? Goal from elaborate" Tomoaki "Tomoaki ... driving ..." "I, my dangerous paper. (Laughs)" Go off to this trip after all. I used to three people I like are some roles are always enjoyed each other noisily. But YasushiShun's silence only this time, and Tomoaki are nervous somehow. I was not yelling is exhausted in the operation. It will something different? So. This is not a wrecked either bytes or pleasure. Ours I came here to "seal" the demon. I think spring, and was still a little cold around the beginning of things. When you are watching a DVD or game and was YasushiShun in the room, Tomoaki came to visit. To say that I do not lend me the power and Cho~tsu in unusually meek look. Did you quarrel with her What? Returned to a straight face immediately known as "What different" laughing and Nika~tsu and say. When the urge to talk to feel a little surprised, I Hanashidashi "chief priest of the temple of my local is.'m A critically ill" he said. Tomoaki house in family of the four who support the temple of the local anything, it's that from generation to generation that there is a certain thing when the chief priest of the temple died of "your role". Patriarch of four family's get to your role, but the father's Tomoaki I hear things were you not able to serve as your role in the injury or illness, Tomoaki son behalf. But to say that three people to put a care provider that said they be allowed because it is not a formal patriarch. But your role itself, apparently accompanied by a special act, Care provider is not found in the local, it seems to have become a thing of cooperation outsider also accepted on that thing unusual unusual in. I came out with I thought first and foremost. "No way, it's I be able to help you make mummy Shaved in this day and age?" Tomoaki laughing, ". Easy opponent 's a demon if opponent still dead ... No way. Sealed the demon comes to eating the flesh of the priest'm your role." Said shyly and. Silence for some time ...... I "lie Daro~o ~" I think "No, seriously. You like do not need to do anything. It would end maybe just just to look. As your role of the other three, move to the street the discussion because there is it just depends somewhat Tomoaki . worst Absolutely not, that Bailly. ours is attacked by a demon. nightmare as much as 2 to 3 put out heat " I honestly thought that there is more action this softening. You can observe in Ofuda and decided these cases, or there is Juho, barrier ... is. It's so not saying this is such a thing. Demon from coming out from one location, and only sealed in a way that is it. Ours care provider is OK just being there. It's just a demon haunts. However, that there are individual differences in invisible visible. I decided to go with curiosity. It became a little bit nervous, YasushiShun that inspiration because it was lost in thought, but after all, it was decided to also go YasushiShun Care provider is determined with two people ours, Tomoaki that return to local first. At a later date, I went to see off to the station Tomoaki to return to local. Tomoaki 's got to train and reminds me to come immediately if you contact us. In the moment, I hear, "Oh,'d rather be what the name of the other party?" Said friend was only towards the smile distorted. On the way back from the station. YasushiShun was silent from beginning to end. Character of this man is not dark at all. It's bright enough parents' house not believe that's temple. "To a guy Tomoaki Nde I did not tell me the name of the demon?" Maybe, I can not read the air, I asked right out in the middle of the strike causes YasushiShun became quiet. YasushiShun staring intently with my face, "You look a fool, but likely, to be relied on in case of emergency. Maybe you will become the main thing asked of him this time." "The Tomoaki Thats was saying there is no risk of Heck idiot, right? What I so much." If you say that while a little surprised to unexpected trust of party I have been to rely on, "He is lying to the woman, but do not lie to us. Unsaid the name of Imawashiki things in the industry of? Ours that local people can not find why but if there is no danger. Has him I do thought I did not tell you the name and only because things that hesitation even with the relationship of us. The guy that comes out shaved died. Affinity is too bad for me of Hashikure Shaved. " It will say, Yaba likely seriously when you hear talk of you?'m Received this story - why you're "YasushiShun.. Either refuse even from now? Decided to go home for the first time supposed to be ours is I go is'm with the ... Tomoaki a "You. Guy Na Because it seems not escape from the determined local. You do not know, but I'm a Tomoaki . you do not betray me " and "It seems to me even.. want to help Tomoaki (80% curiosity) probably dangerous to you any?" "I. You do not want to lose your best friend in this decision now." "YasushiShun ......" Word of the guy went by changing to a fear of 85% No 80% just like as it is the curiosity of 80% of me. Demon haunts. I did not only think about a little test of courage. And I to be quiet. "Do not I fool you I simple. Teasing Kaigaaru really. Fact." YasushiShun says with a smile always. I will prove I can swell and Yarikaeshi! "Na a fool." Topic moved to that of a woman and lunch, but fear in me was left remained somehow. It was a splendid temple and Cho~tsu a temple gate. Man of about 60's came out of the Terauchi and walked parked in the square in front of the entrance. "Mr. Tomoaki, they wonder who our care provider?" Tomoaki tries to introduce in response that it is so, who won will be given the one hand, say continue with ". You do not know each other Nantes name". Principle,'re free if you want to talk but revealing to others useless.. Anyone we will not even believe anyway thing in "here. Myself, and not see yet. But only sound heard anyone. Things so there are Sole I'll do understand your. Well, your role of the other two, so looking at the priest, will be described briefly that in the future to you guys. prehistory and "is said" this thing I have "sealed" . come here - you know what to do. Listen even from Mr. Tomoaki slowly since the end of " It came as "Kachin" The first words of this person, but I learned to hear from Tomoaki that it had me worried about the only YasushiShun with me later. The was taken to the old stone well on the back of the left side of the temple. It is placed in the mess bar of wood so as to close the mouth, it was covered with something like a basket made of bamboo on it. It was the demon that is that are concealed in this well, and are sealed with order and disorder. However, melting on the night of the seventh day the priest died, the demon is it come out to bite the priest from this seal. Work of ours directly be achieved by taking new and sealed, placed randomly in the mouth of the well of the new wooden stick, just cover basket (apparently called Kagome) on it in short. I put in a strained lattice shape as when the campfire is a wooden stick here, seven lines in the first stage. It was told to fold seven stages in all seem to say that the seven lines in the second stage. However, it was to be instructed to use a stick of eight lines only six stage, curse of something is to have a special gimmick only one bar of that as the eighth. Bar forty-nine of this rest is dummy to protect this one. By the way, unlike what every stage it or put that one, and that he only let the rot out of date after addition Once sealed once. In before the chief priest of following his death, again, the next seal to seal it dies. the well only twice before and after the priest died It seems that it is that the seal. Wooden stick is a translation new wonder. We asked because wondered one. "When you need to seal this, or I was good to Lasts ours?" I "Good to go good, way back What is scary. Ja do not have too much strength to say" shifter "and (in pig teeth) in what was made three days before the chief priest to die this sealed uncle. Bar does trivial one. It's what makes broken on purpose in order to reseal the demon force is stronger priest died. "live cover" things where they teamed up to get you guys to (Ikibuta). This Ja sealed to make Raren out really. This is important. "

BeamNG Car Mod : Ford LTD 1968


BeamNG Car Mod Ford LTD 1968

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